Get to know us 

HumLuw Sports is averages the power of the HumLuw brand to offer online customers the Web's premier destination for Sports merchandize  such as gym equipment, gym clothing, Bicycle, and much. We also own other brands such as humluw ownit, humluw gear up, books store , magazines, toys & games, DVD and Blu-ray, Electronics, Outdoor & Recreation and related products and services. With that we are exceedingly small business, and we are hard to meet customers demand and to increase our store visibility and grow strong. Someone like you can make a big difference in our small business. You can trust us deliver your product you order in our website.

Unlike other online retailers, Humluw sports is very obsess with our customer to make sure that we meet our demands with our customer.  We are making sure that we deliver your product to the day we promise to deliver or before, click here for  more info. 

Grow with Us

 Our initiative to grow our business is currently on track. We count on you to participate in this program. We are very small business and we to grow as community and be able able the serve the universe. There numerous ways that you can participate in this growth team. First, You can join our rewards program. By doing so, you will earn points toward big saving on you next order at the same time you supports us.  

Second, You can directly donate to us. The amount you donate to us will be add up to the company initiative growth plan.  Thirdly,  You can place an order in our store. By placing an order in our store, you are defiantly supports us directly by allow us to serve you and allow us to keep the business open.  This is very important part of our business because when you place an order in our store, you give us the reason to keep going forward . Lastly and very important, Spread The word. When you tell one friend or one family member about us, you give us more than a thousand time chance to get noticed. It may seem like it's does not help when you talk good about us, but I guarantee you that it travel long distance. So do not hesitate to post the link on your social sites and tell your friends and family about us. 

Why should you trust Us HumLuw

Humluw is a registered trademark in the  United State Patent trademark office ( Uspto have all information about us such as business's EIN, and PTIN number. We cannot risk our trademark to be suspended. With that, we are making sure our mark does not list as risk mark. To avoid that, we are provide legitimate business that follow all the trademark guidelines. If any circumstance your not satisfied with the product we deliver and in any reason, you can contact us to resolve any issues. Our customer service members are more willing to assist you with any question or concern.